People of KDE: Luigi Genoni

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Luigi Genoni is this week's guest in the People section in the KDE website. With this new interview Tink offers us a refreshing postcard from the Italian Alps. Luigi is interested in developing for KDE from the point of view of a system administrator. And he also gives us a hint about the joy of celebrating Christmas in long lasting Italy.

KDevelop 1.3 Released

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KDevelop 1.3 is out. From the press release: "The KDevelop Team today announced the release ofKDevelop 1.3, a powerful, easy to use, Integrated Development Environment for
the C and C++ Programming Language based on KDE. KDevelop 1.3 is a major
update release that follows the successful versions 1.1 and 1.2 to enable
developers for rapid application development for the new KDE 2.0 Desktop."
. The full release is below.