More KDE 2.0 Binaries Available (Yes, RedHat 6.2 too)

Several of you have written in to note that Red Hat 6.2 rpms for KDE 2 are now available here. A full list of KDE 2.0 binaries for the various distributions/versions is below -- if you know of any more please add a comment. Remember, folks, these rpms are not built by the KDE Team. Update: 11/06 10:16 PM.

KDevelop 1.3 is coming ahead !

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Breaking news! The KDevelop Team will release version 1.3 of its C/C++ IDE for UNIX within the next couple of weeks. The new release has a lot of new features regarding KDE 2 and Qt 2.2 development, particularly a project file generator which creates a project file out of your existing automake/autoconf project on the fly so you can start working with KDevelop on your former project within seconds. I´ve tried this last night with the kdebase module - and it worked!

KDE Documentation needs your help!

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The KDE Team needs your help with writing documentation for all of the great applications in KDE! This is your opportunity to help KDE become useful to the users of KDE applications at any level. You don't need to be a professional writer, and you don't even need to know everything about a program. For more information, please visit us at the Editorial Team website, or contact Mike McBride if you are interested. A New Site for a New KDE

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Hallelujah! The KDE site has quite a new
look! It's been completely redesigned and I like it, thank you very much!
But judge for yourself... Is the new layout better? Is
the new art better? Are things easier to find? We want to know what you think! I asked Kurt
, the KDE core developer behind the changes, a few questions you might have as well. Read what he had to say below.