First KMyMoney Beta Version Available for KDE 4 Platform

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The KMyMoney team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.95. After 8 months of hard work, this release is the first version developed upon the KDE 4 Platform. We are confident that it is stable enough for use by early adopters. We would like to get much needed feedback from the community in order to make the new KMyMoney as rock-solid as previous releases.

For this version, the focus has been on allowing it to run on the latest KDE platform while maintaining feature-parity. Subsequent releases will make better use of the new capabilities provided by this new platform. Also, significant effort has gone into making KMyMoney available on all operating systems supported by the KDE development platform.

Amarok Joins Software Freedom Conservancy and Starts Rokvember Fund Raiser

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The Amarok project has joined the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC). This move allows donors to give tax-deductible donations in the US, and it increases transparency in the spending of Amarok's funds. At the same time, we will not loosen our ties with the KDE project. Amarok is, and will always stay, a fully committed project under the KDE umbrella. Read on for more!

KDevelop Beta 6 and PHP Beta 1 Released

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KDevelop 4 in action

The KDevelop team is proud to announce the sixth beta of KDevelop4. There haven't been any major features started since beta 5 as this is mostly a bugfix release (demonstrated by the list of fixed bugs). This also marks the end of the KDE 4.2 support. With this release KDevelop4 requires KDE 4.3 and Qt 4.5 to fully supply the GUI we want to provide our users with. It is also the last release that we're doing on behalf of ourselves, all upcoming betas will be done together with KDE 4.4. We are aiming at releasing with KDE 4.4.0 as we think that KDevelop4 is ready feature-wise and really needs to get a first release out of the door.

digiKam digest - 2009-08-16

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Looks like summer finally caught up with digiKam developers! This week the digest will be very short: ongoing work on refactoring color profiles code; libkdcraw updated to libraw-0.8.0-beta5 (support for RAW files bigger than 2GB); new features in Flickr export. A total of 10 bugs were closed (including several crashes) while 8 new ones were reported. Read the rest of the
digiKam digest here!

KDE4 Version of Digikam Photo Management Available

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Photographers in the Free world rejoice! On behalf of the Digikam developer team, Gilles Caullier has announced the first KDE 4 release of Digikam, the photo management application.

Digikam is a full-fledged tool that covers the whole digital photography workflow, from downloading the pictures off of your camera (and in the new version even capturing photos from inside digikam) to sorting, editing, rating and tagging (including geolocation and editing of raw photos in the new version) and of course also publishing your photos. Digikam now also allows for importing images from Social Media such as Facebook and SmugMug. Export plugins makes it easy to publish your photos to sites such as Picasa, FlickR, 23hq, Facebook and SmugMug. For the more traditional paper version of photos, there is the scan option that lets you import and manage all your old photos from Digikam as well.
Light Table allows you to compare pictures side by side and the powerful Image Editor lets you touch up your photos, correct colors, white balance and contrast and remove red eyes. It also offers more advanced features such as ICC profile-based color management and lens vignetting correction.