KDE and Science

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Free thinkers. Curious people collaborating across borders. Pioneers pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. Teams building upon the work of others. People trying things just to see what happens. Those are all phrases that could be applied to KDE - or to scientists.

A few days ago, your writer did a quick, albeit decidedly unscientific, survey to gather some thoughts of the KDE scientist community on our current software offerings and the missing links. Read on for some of the conclusions.

Knowledge: A Different Approach to a Database on the Desktop

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Desktop applications for 'Information Management' that go beyond conventional card-index style databases are hard to find. The ideas behind such software are perhaps not that well known, so a prototype program, Knowledge, has been developed to put them firmly into the public domain. Read on to learn about Knowledge and how you can help.

KDE PIM Goes Mobile

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KMail Mobile

Today a prototype version of mobile variants of the KDE PIM suite was demoed at LinuxTag (expect more information later). These applications along with GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows versions of Kontact accessing a Kolab Server will be on show for the duration of LinuxTag. The application packages themselves can be downloaded by anyone willing to test them out. Since the last update about KDE PIM Mobile, there have been many visual and functional improvements to the applications.

Read on for a screencast and benefits of the KDE PIM platform in terms of speed, features, cryptographic infrastructure, and portability.

Krusader Team Celebrates 10th Birthday and Seeks New Contributors

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Ye Olde Krusader.

Ten years ago a simple twin panel file manager was released. It had a few small glitches like showing rrr instead of rwx for permissions, had some compatibility issues with Debian and Solaris, did not save keyboard settings, but it was, in spite of many bugs, sort of usable for everyday work. Ten years ago Krusader started on the path to becoming a top file manager for a large range of operating systems and users.

It started with young developers Shie and Rafi, over some falafel. In spite of academic duties they kick started an application which became a very popular Total Commander like file manager for the Free Desktop. On January 1st 2002, version 1.0 was released by the Krusader Krew.

Fast forward ten years and the first beta for 2.2.0 has been released, codenamed 'DeKade'. It features better trash integration, many new tabs actions, queued packing and unpacking and much more.

Read on for more about Krusader!

You Be The Judge: Plasma Javascript Jam Session

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The Plasma Javascript Jam Session is a friendly competition that aims to reward creators of original, interesting and beautiful Plasma widgets written in Javascript with some great prizes and community recognition. The competion concluded on March 31st with 11 successful submissions making the deadline. Judging has commenced, and it will not be easy: many excellent submissions were sent in ranging from the entertaining to the highly useful.

KJots Takes Advantage of Innovations in the KDE Development Platform

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Work on porting KJots to Akonadi started a long time ago (around summer 2008!), and that effort is reaching a milestone this week. The ported version of KJots has been merged into trunk for the next release of the KDE Software Compilation where work will continue on it to refine features and fix bugs.