KDE Success Story

Dutch Agency Equips 200 Users With NX-based KDE Desktops

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Last weekend at Annahoeve in Achtmaal the Dutch Refugee Council of Midden Gelderland announced that they succesfully completed a pilot where they migrated 100 machines and 200 users using NX technology and the KDE desktop. Jasper van der Marel held a presentation during the Dutch KDE-PIM meeting where he explained how the current setup was done.

DesktopLinux.com: KDE Increases Its Dominance

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In the 2004 Desktop Linux Market survey (concluded in January 2005), 3841 DesktopLinux.com readers weighed in with their choices for amongst others Linux distributions, email clients and web browsers. Particularly interesting are the result of the windowing environments poll: in just a year, KDE grew from 44% to 61%. Congratulations to the KDE team for such amazing results.

Success Story: KDE for Science

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How do 250 scientists spend their coffee break at a scientific conference? They use KDE! There was a scientific conference, the Tübinger Perception
Conference 2005 (TWK)
at the end of February. Many scientists from all over the world joined to take part in the symposia and the poster sessions. Because many scientists are addicted to their e-mail, the organizers installed an Internet Corner with 3 KDE Terminals.

LinuxQuestions.org: Members Choice Award Winners 2004 Announced

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this week the results of their annual Members Choice Awards.
Just like in
years KDE proved once
more to be the most popular desktop environment. In the individual categories KDE applications made a strong presence as well.