Review of Kaptain 0.4

Dot Categories: is running a review of Kaptain, the universal graphical front-end we mentioned a few articles back. They like it a lot. "Sound ground breaking? It sure is. Kaptain uses .kaptn files, which are simple text scripts edited in any way you choose. The script 'describes the possible arguments for a command line program'.

Kaptain: help the newbies sail the KDE wave

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Browsing the kde-announce mailing list archive, I found an announcement for the
release of Kaptain, a universal graphical front-end for command line
programs. I
didn't understand very well what could be the use for such a program, but I was curious, and so I surfed to the project's homepage. And what I
discovered was a little utility that can help you quickly develop a user

Borland Presentation: Kylix Project

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Borland is featuring an exciting presentation on Kylix, the upcoming Rapid Application Development environment for Linux. "In our view, the release of Kylix will mark an evolutionary step for the Linux world. Delphi and C++Builder developers will be ready (on the very first day) to start writing applications for Linux using Kylix.

State of the aRts

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Stefan Westerfeld has a neat document up summarizing the status of aRts in the KDE 2.0 final beta preview. Most of the work of the past year has been focussed on integrating aRts into KDE. The result of those efforts is a new multimedia middleware known as MCOP, a brand new notification system, a brand new optimized sound server, kaiman, Brahms, and more. releases Kugar, a business reporting tool for KDE

Dot Categories: announced a new reporting application for KDE that works by merging application data and a template to create a final report. It can run standalone or as a KPart (which means it can be embedded in other KDE applications, such as KWord or Konqueror). Impressive stuff.