KDE Games Center

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Surfing the official KDE website, I found the budding KDE Games Center where you can find a list of games based on KDE (and not only those included in KDE). There are also several links to developer resources such as AI, network programming,...
If you develop a game for KDE, then please contact Martin Heni with the info.

KDE packages already in Debian

Debian Weekly News confirms it: "KDE packages are pouring into Debian. All of the core of KDE is already present in unstable, and more packages are sure to follow. This unexpected turn of events is due to a change in the license of Qt 2.2 -- Troll Tech released it dual-licensed under the GPL -- the KDE licensing issue is finally resolved." They have a lot of catching up to do if the ~700 KDE apps catalogued by apps.kde.com are any indication.