State of the aRts

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Stefan Westerfeld has a neat document up summarizing the status of aRts in the KDE 2.0 final beta preview. Most of the work of the past year has been focussed on integrating aRts into KDE. The result of those efforts is a new multimedia middleware known as MCOP, a brand new notification system, a brand new optimized sound server, kaiman, Brahms, and more. releases Kugar, a business reporting tool for KDE

Dot Categories: announced a new reporting application for KDE that works by merging application data and a template to create a final report. It can run standalone or as a KPart (which means it can be embedded in other KDE applications, such as KWord or Konqueror). Impressive stuff.

Corel ports Mozilla to Qt

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Buried under hundreds of emails on the Konqueror mailing list, was this little gem from Ming Poon of Corel. Apparently, Corel has been working for months on a Qt port of Mozilla. The results are reportedly impressive with QtMozilla turning out to be more stable than the official Linux GTK version. Corel plans to port QtMozilla to KParts so it won't be long before you can embed even that in Konqueror.

KDE Games Center

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Surfing the official KDE website, I found the budding KDE Games Center where you can find a list of games based on KDE (and not only those included in KDE). There are also several links to developer resources such as AI, network programming,...
If you develop a game for KDE, then please contact Martin Heni with the info.