VisKProg programming language

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VisKProg is a visual KDE programming language
suitable for beginning programmers.
It comes with a complete IDE (including a form editor and a window editor) and generates C++ code, so no interpreter is needed to compile/run the programs. Though VisKProg's IDE is still based on KDE 1.x, we want to release a stable v0.2 in the next weeks for KDE 2.0. We are looking for testers to write programs and report bugs and for

German-Sponsored KOffice Meeting Report

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The German Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für
Bildung und Forschung, BMB+F) recently sponsored a meeting of 16 KOffice
developers in Erlangen, Germany by paying their travel and lodging costs.
The meeting was held from September 23 - 25 in connection with the
Linux-Kongreß, a technically oriented Linux congress that is jointly
organized by German Unix Users Group (GUUG) and LiVe (Linux-Verband,
a non-profit organisation that fosters commercial use of Linux in
Central Europe). Many of the

KDE Documentation and Localization Meeting

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Eric Bischoff today filed a detailed report on the successful conclusion of "the first meeting of the KDE translation and documentation teams". Some excerpts from the report are included below.

As Eric explains:

The purpose
of the KDE Documentation and Localization Workshop was to give people
involved in KDE's documentation and translation an opportunity to: